RegalBuilt is...

a superior design and development company specializing in website, mobile, and desktop applications. RegalBuilt has designed, developed, and maintained web services for companies of all sizes - from 1 to 2 person startups to Fortune 500 companies. We have listed a few of our most recent clients within our Showcase.

RegalBuilt does...

things a little differently. Software and web development should be an easy and seamless process - and it is when there is a good process in place. We use a 3 step process that makes it easy for you. These steps are broken down into the following groups: Plan, Design, and Develop.


A good plan provides a description of requirements and execution. Without a plan, projects can take longer and be costly.


A good design has to be functional and esthetically pleasing. A good design also has to provide a positive, seemless, and usable user experience.


Development takes the plan and design and puts it all into action. At this point the application or website will start to become usable.